How Do You Stack Your Tech Deck?

Elliot Bentley / @elliot_bentley

Matt Johnson / @xmatt

Meet Your Facilitators

Elliot Bentley

The Wall Street Journal

Meet Your Facilitators

Matt Johnson

Alley Interactive

Topic 1: Costs and Benefits

  • Question: What costs might a team or organization incur in switching stacks? What benefits might they obtain as well?
  • Angle: Focus on time and money required by maintaining existing tech strategy or adopting a new one.

Topic 2: Team Dynamics

  • Question: What reactions might team members have to a technical shift? How do we support team members through a technical shift?
  • Angle: Focus on team dynamics, training, and hiring; managing different roles and their needs, desires, and reactions during technical shifts.

Topic 3: Sustainability and Community

  • Question: How can we determine if a new technology is sustainable for us to adopt? What are some ways to evaluate the robustness of a technology’s community support?
  • Angle: Focus on how to research, contact, and participate in the open source developer community for a particular technology.


  • Costs and Benefits
  • Team Dynamics
  • Sustainability and Community